Medical Lien Services

What is an LOP? A Letter of Protection (also referred to as a medical lien) is a document that secures the right for a person to get medical treatment due to an injury. The injury is usually due to the negligence of another party. The injured person’s attorney presents the health care provider with an LOP, which promises payment once the injury case is settled. In turn, the person receives necessary medical treatment he or she may have had difficulty paying on their own.

Ensure the LOP is fair to the physician. The provider must ensure the documentation for the LOP case supports a fair process for providing services and recovering fees for services. Some LOPs contain restrictive language that limits the provider’s ability to manage the bill and receive payment. We help our clients set up proper paperwork that protects them as a provider.

Understand the details of the case. Knowing all available payment coverage options is critical when accepting an LOP. There are sometime insurance payment options unexplored by the attorney. There are also considerations with accepting insurance on LOP cases. It is important to understand case facts such as liability coverage, accident details and prior injuries. We assist our client in collecting these critical facts to understand payment options and assess the likelihood of a future positive settlement.

Communicate regularly with the attorney on case status. Most attorneys are very busy with their practice, and sometimes fail to inform the health care provider on the status of case settlement. We request ongoing status updates and can project when cases are likely to settle. When issues arise in a case, we can identify quickly and help our clients take appropriate action.

Understand your finance options: One way to realize an immediate benefit for your medical services on an LOP case is to engage in funding. We provide our clients with this option, where they receive an immediate payment for the medical receivable, at a pre-negotiated rate. There are instances where it may make sense to hold the receivable until settlement. We help our clients with ‘fund or hold’ decisions and manage the process for them.